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What is MainSaver?
Why Rehabilitation?
Technical Envelope
For years, "conventional" water main "rehabilitation" has consisted of closing roadways and rights-of-way, digging a long trench, avoiding other buried utilities, removing the old water main, installing a new main, and replacing and reinstating new valves and services. This conventional approach does yield a new water main, but it is expensive, disruptive, and sometimes very unpopular with homeowners, businesses, commuters, and the general public.

Trenchless water main rehabilitation minimizes disruption to critical surface activities by minimizing required digging, maintaining a smaller construction site footprint, and significantly reducing post construction repair activities. Less equipment, labor and materials also make trenchless rehabilitation generally less expensive than convention dig-and-replace solutions.

Why rehabilitation? Because water main rehabilitation is an economical, public relations and environmentally savvy way to improve water quality and to add significant new life to aging water mains.
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Ideal for 4 - 12" Pressure Pipes
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