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What is MainSaver?
Why Rehabilitation?
Technical Envelope
Benefits of MainSaver:
  • Lower Cost Alternative to Open-Cut, Pipe Bursting, and CIPP Technologies
  • Less Disruptive to Surface Activities, Businesses, Traffic, Other Utilities, and Customers During Installation
  • Improved Water Quality
  • Minimal Excavation Equals Less Construction Noise, Dust, Pollution, and Runoff
  • Non-Corrosive PE Liner
  • Compatible with Standard Pipe Fittings
  • Plugs and Seals Cracks, Corrosion Holes, and Leaking Joints
  • Restores and Extends Life and Hydraulic Efficiency of Host Pipe
  • Contains Anodic Corrosion Suppressors for Active Corrosion Protection
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Ideal for 4 - 12" Pressure Pipes
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